Spring Joy

The blue birds that spend every summer on my land and catch and devour bugs, leaving body parts on my deck railing have entertained me for years. They have learned to follow me around on my mower and pounce on the bugs stir up. Partly the Idea for this painting where they are inspecting a possible home site came from watching two pairs have a serious altercation over the one dilapidated nest box hung in the pasture. They sure did not want to share, but both couples absolutely refused the new box I hung. I suppose that’s why I chose to have them inspecting an old fence post in the painting.


I chose to keep the background simplistic in this painting simply that your attention wouldn’t leave the hawk. For me it seems to work. I think what I like most may be the lavender in the lighter feathers on both wings seeming to pull down that color from the clouds.











Fantasy $ Fun



Golden Gate Evening Effect 2


Last Waves

Hang on!

This was about the third painting I painted. However, this one is acrylic. I’m working on some larger paintings right now. I’m finishing a larger painting of the Golden Gate Bridge that I am going to submit to the California State Fair, and another that is a commission of the Golden Gate Bridge.


This is the first oil painting I ever painted. I was a junior in high school and my art teacher at the time did not like me or my art work. She said it was a bad painting and reprimanded me for copying a picture out of a magazine. I was happy with my first piece, though. I didn’t paint another oil painting for about a year. Art was the only class I failed in high school (or even came close to failing). This was primarily because our teacher was more of an English major and made us write a paper that was 1/2 of our grade. I thought I was taking art!

Website Collection

Monet’s painting

Preliminary sketch

San Marco Square Venice

I took this picture in 2000 while on a Europe backpacking trip. At the time I was not a painter, but I did like photography. So, now I have a lot of good images to paint from. I painted this painting on Thursday at my art class and one of my fellow painters liked it so much she bought it on the spot!

My study

Hang on!

Indian Arts Collection 10

Indian Arts Collection 9

Thangka Paintings are a form of Buddhist arts that were imbibed from the Buddhist missionaries of Tibet during the time of emperor Ashoka. The word 'thangka' is a Tibetan word meaning paintings on flat surfaces. Thangka paintings were laid out on silk and cotton materials. They could be folded in and rolled out according to the necessity. Used as scrolls the various thanka paintings find Buddha and Bodhisattva in various meditative postures. 'Buddha Mandala', 'Shakyamuni Buddha'and 'Maitreye Buddha' are some popular images that are figured in the paintings. The paintings inspire us to awaken our true spiritual self.

Madhubani Paintings are the exclusive paintings of the 'Mithila' region of Bihar. The rural women of 'Mithila' used to carve out their aspirations and imaginations in their mud built doors and walls. These came to be known as 'Madhubani Paintings'. A charming folk art, the humble paintings now adorn the art galleries and cozy domestic interiors. Warli Paintings bring out the customs, beliefs and the lifestyle of the tribal people of Maharastra in bright colors and designs. 'Pata Chitra' is the traditional painting form of Orissa. Deities of Hindu gods and goddesses and mythological figures are portrayed on large sheets of fabrics in this painting. Modern Indian Painting reflects India in the post-colonial era. The paintings can be perceived in the works of Jamini Roy, Mukbul Fida Hussain, S.K Bakre and S.H Raza.


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