Indian Arts Collection 9

Thangka Paintings are a form of Buddhist arts that were imbibed from the Buddhist missionaries of Tibet during the time of emperor Ashoka. The word 'thangka' is a Tibetan word meaning paintings on flat surfaces. Thangka paintings were laid out on silk and cotton materials. They could be folded in and rolled out according to the necessity. Used as scrolls the various thanka paintings find Buddha and Bodhisattva in various meditative postures. 'Buddha Mandala', 'Shakyamuni Buddha'and 'Maitreye Buddha' are some popular images that are figured in the paintings. The paintings inspire us to awaken our true spiritual self.

Madhubani Paintings are the exclusive paintings of the 'Mithila' region of Bihar. The rural women of 'Mithila' used to carve out their aspirations and imaginations in their mud built doors and walls. These came to be known as 'Madhubani Paintings'. A charming folk art, the humble paintings now adorn the art galleries and cozy domestic interiors. Warli Paintings bring out the customs, beliefs and the lifestyle of the tribal people of Maharastra in bright colors and designs. 'Pata Chitra' is the traditional painting form of Orissa. Deities of Hindu gods and goddesses and mythological figures are portrayed on large sheets of fabrics in this painting. Modern Indian Painting reflects India in the post-colonial era. The paintings can be perceived in the works of Jamini Roy, Mukbul Fida Hussain, S.K Bakre and S.H Raza.


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