Golden Gate Evening Effect 2


Last Waves

Hang on!

This was about the third painting I painted. However, this one is acrylic. I’m working on some larger paintings right now. I’m finishing a larger painting of the Golden Gate Bridge that I am going to submit to the California State Fair, and another that is a commission of the Golden Gate Bridge.


This is the first oil painting I ever painted. I was a junior in high school and my art teacher at the time did not like me or my art work. She said it was a bad painting and reprimanded me for copying a picture out of a magazine. I was happy with my first piece, though. I didn’t paint another oil painting for about a year. Art was the only class I failed in high school (or even came close to failing). This was primarily because our teacher was more of an English major and made us write a paper that was 1/2 of our grade. I thought I was taking art!


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